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Miss Oklahoma USA & Miss Global Ambassador: A Wife in Waiting Pt.2

We sat down for an interview and a quick lesson on #TheWait for #TwoRings with this beautiful Miss Oklahoma USA. We got several jewels from part 1 of that interview, and here is continuation with part 2!

Two Rings: Do you feel God has blessed you and your commitment to waiting?

Star: Yes, yes, and YES! I've received so many blessings. The best gift of cultivating my relationship with God, is that he's established my purpose. My destiny. My life. The issue with looking for fulfillment in someone else other than God, is that person cannot give me life and purpose like God does.

Two Rings: What are your thoughts on marriage and purpose?

Star: Fulfilling God's agenda and purpose for my life has been so rewarding. Many people in marriage have no purpose other than to make the other person happy or look for completeness in them. They have no kingdom focus for their union. When I know who I am before marriage, I don't need someone else to complete me. I am complete in God; and my God-given purpose. I believe that waiting is preparation for marriage.

My job is my profession and my profession is also my calling; and my calling has taken me to 14 nation for 21 months within the last two years debt free; and I've ministered in nearly 25 countries all together. This is a dream come true to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ while traveling the nations. That is one example of how God has given me so much as I have surrendered my life to his will and his ways.

Two Rings: You mentioned that waiting is preparation for marriage, can you explain further?

Star: When I look at the big picture of my relationship with Christ, I see that my earthly life is only preparation for my heavenly reign. My future marriage on earth is a type and shadow of my eternal marriage to Christ. I see in my life that he is preparing me not only to enter into a temporal marriage, but to become His eternal bride.

Preparation time with God is never wasted time. He is always working out in me his perfect will. Scripture says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord." (Prov. 18:22). How then do I become a wife prepared? God prepares me! So when I meet my groom; I have become the prepared and suitable help-meet for him.

It is said that people spend more time preparing for a driver's license test than they do for marriage. How astonishing that the most covenant of ones life is entered into ill-prepared. That has motivated me to keep my eyes on Jesus, knowing that he is my source and the one I will spend eternity worshiping. He's the one I will give an account for how I lived the life. Even if I never receive an earthly spouse, I am confident that the One who gave his life as a ransom for me; gives me purpose & meaning, cares for me, comforts me, and calls me his Bride.

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