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What That Soul Do?: On Choosing Intentionality and Purpose in Love, Friendship, and Worship

What that soul do?

If there were an official list of guiding questions that need answers (#all2018), this one would easily make the top five. If you’re on a mission to live purposefully in all areas of your life, I contend that this question is, perhaps, the pre-requisite. At its core, “What that soul do?” is an affirmation of focus and purpose. It is a commitment to being intentional about who and how we love, aligning our relationships with God’s purpose over our lives, by first fostering relationship with HIM. “What that soul do?” is an ongoing challenge to defer our will and wants to God’s plan--a simple, yet powerful question.

It’s one that even comes with some conviction. When I consider the question in the context of my life, the relationships and friendships that have failed versus those that continue to thrive, the role of alignment on faith and purpose, is more than evident. Over the last year, “What that soul do?” has made me more aware of the err in prioritizing what I want over God’s will. It holds me accountable to owning and living out my intentions and values. It forces me to check myself...before I wreck myself.

In Love… “What that soul do?” requires I align my expectations of love, companionship, and relationship with HIS will and way. Where my flesh might lead with being enamored by degrees, money, career, travel… “What that soul do?” compels me to prioritize faith, relationship with God, purpose, and unconditional love. Where my flesh might write off dysfunction and confusion as minor character flaws or excuse it because “everyone is doing it”… “What that soul do?” enforces a sense of accountability and conviction.

In Friendship…”What that soul do?” can cause some growing pains, too. It forced me to get comfortable in, what felt like, loneliness. In situations where my flesh allowed me to choose what was “fun” over that which was pleasing in HIS sight…”What that soul do?” made me feel uncomfortable and convicted with people and in places that God had not approved. It helps me see those moments that feel like, ‘loneliness’ as opportunities to be alone with Him. Sometimes, this is really difficult, which leads me to my next point…

In Worship… “What that soul do?” turns the mirror on me. When my flesh allows me to make excuses for not praying or reading God’s word…”What that soul do?” is a reminder that alignment with God is prerequisite to aligning all other relationships. It could be likened to the ‘Godly Kermit,’ that can feel in conflict with what “comes natural.” (see meme)

“What that soul do?” reaffirms that I’ll never know enough to discern the answers to this question without seeking God and knowing Him. It fosters an ongoing commitment to learning how to model Mary’s (of Bethany - Luke 10:38-41) devotion to, and adoration of Jesus (#justBecause).

“What that soul do?” is legit goals. It is our guiding light to choosing purpose and intentionality in love, friendship, and worship.

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